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Aware of the important role of youth in reducing corruption in Thai society, the Moral Promotion Center, which is a public organization under the Ministry of Culture, is joining hands with four organizations in the empowerment of young people.

The four organizations include the Office of the Higher Education Commission, the General Prem Tinsulanonda Statesman Foundation, the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, and the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand.

They have arranged jointly training, anti-corruption activities, and other awareness-raising campaigns for university students through the process of the "Moral Assembly.” The objective is to build resilience among young people, who are regarded as the future workforce of the country.

The Religious Affairs Department and the Moral Promotion Center have joined forces in handling work on the development of moral consciousness at both the policy and operation levels. The work focuses on promoting the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, self-discipline, honesty, and volunteer spirit.

In the awareness-raising campaigns, participating students will be trained to be honesty role models. As no one can eradicate corruption overnight, action against corruption can start by inculcating in the people, especially the younger generation, the value and culture of honesty.

The Moral Promotion Center also organizes the National Moral Assembly as a forum for its networks to exchange views and share knowledge, as well as setting directives for developing public policies on moral promotion, in line with the National Moral Promotion Master Plan.

The first National Moral Promotion Master Plan, 2016-2021, aims to lay foundations to promote morality in Thai society. It also helps enhance public awareness to counter prevent, reduce, and eradicate corruption.