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2. Vision, Missions, and Duties according to the Organizational Establishment Law and Organizational Structures

2.1 Vision 

Be the linking organization, connecting social networking and campaigning for the drive of moral development

2.2 Missions

MisstionMoral2 EN

1. Connect and coordinate in the operation and campaigning for the drive in accordance with the strategies
2. Develop and publicize innovations and knowledge about appropriate moral development and moral promotion
3. Promote and support social networking to be equipped with knowledge and ability to cultivate, promote, and develop morality and ethics in various target groups

2.3 Duties according to the Organizational Establishment Law
1. Promote and support the merging of groups or social networking and coordinate with all sectors together with holding National Morality Assembly in compliance with guideline or framework of National Board of Ethics according to the Regulation by Office of the Prime Minister on National Ethics Promotion B.E. 2550 to develop morality and virtue appropriate to the context of Thai society.
2. Promote and support the studies, researches, the development of knowledge, the creation of new knowledge, knowledge collecting, knowledge exchanges, knowledge management, and dissemination of knowledge related to morality and virtue together with being information center about the patterns of individual good conduct and good person of the society
3. Promote, support, and cooperate with governmental sectors, business sectors, civil society, and public sector in the operation for promoting academic strength and innovation in the process of developing various types of ethics and virtues
4. Promote and support other activities and utilizing public participation for the benefits of ethics and virtue development