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Strategy 1: Promote Civil Society Cooperation to Drive Moral and Ethical Work

Operational Strategy
1) Support the implementation according to the National Strategy and Master Plan for National Moral Promotion
2) Organize and support moral general assembly 
3) Promote the development of moral organization and network related to issues, organizations, and areas
4) Promote the development of moral change leaders


Strategy 2: Promote the Development of Moral and Ethical Standards and the Development of Certification Process for Moral Organization

Operational Strategy
1) Develop moral and ethical standards
2) Develop the certification process for moral organization using participatory stakeholder processes
3) Develop the process for honoring individuals/organizations with morality


Strategy 3: Develop Innovative Knowledge in Morals and Ethics

Operational Strategy
1) Develop innovative knowledge in morals and ethics promotion
2) Promote knowledge management on moral and ethical issues
3) Set up Information Center on morals and ethics


Strategy 4: Promote the Development of Media Campaign for Moral and Ethical Development

Operational Strategy
1) Promote and develop the media to promote morals and ethics
2) Communicate and campaign for morals and 4 goals of "sufficiency, discipline, honesty, volunteering"
3) Collaborate with the media network to develop morals and ethics


Strategy 5: Promote Learning about Moral and Ethical Development with International Community (ASEAN)

Operational Strategy
1) Promote cooperation and exchange of moral and ethical education
2) Study of moral development in ASEAN countries


Strategy 6: Enhance the Efficiency of Management of Moral Promotion Center

Operational Strategy
1) Improve organizational performance.
2) Develop the characteristics of moral organization